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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Sneak Peak of Tupperware's Pink ....

I know you just wanted a sneak peak so you can get ready to shop to show that you want to make a difference and get your PINK ON for Breast Cancer Awareness.

These items are going to be available for sale on my online Tupperware site or at parties (book parties/face to face parties/parties in a bag/etc) from Sept 28 - Oct 11th so don't miss out.  This year I am making it more of a Cancer Awareness because of some current life events with a dear friend.

These pink and purple pieces are available now on my Tupperware Site until Sept 27th - after that I'm not sure if they will be available - but I doubt at these great prices IF they are still available.  I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE the canister set - and the cereal keeper .... what's NOT to like??

These next 3 pictures are "teasers" previews of what will be available in PINK for 2 weeks - September 28 to October 11th and after that ... well like the ones above, who knows, but definitely not at these great prices.

If you want them (and believe me I want them too) you need to pick them up as soon as you can before the 11th of October because I can't guarantee them after that.  I know last year once they were gone they were gone and EVERYONE wanted them!

Now this is the start of a Hello Kitty "series".  Right now I can't say how many will be in the series or how often they will be offered - but my information says this is the "first" of our collector series.  See they like to tease us too!

Remember this starts on Sept 28th and ONLY goes until October 11th - so if you want this Hello Kitty Collector Series piece, or any of the other PINK pieces shown in the 2 pictures above, check out my Tupperware Site for more details or for ordering.

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