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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Before it's too late - great Tupperware sale items

Get them before they are gone ....

All are available on my Tupperware Site

these are great for lunch boxes or snack boxes

the all purpose storage is great for ALL kinds of things ---
do you have an emergency kit in case of bad weather?  This would be perfect for that.

Do you have a place where you store your kids treasures?  Or where you put all their creations from school?  This would be perfect!

The pink top on our cereal keeper is WONDERFUL for those big boxes of cereal that normally go "stale" before you finish the box ........ but not if you keep it in our Cereal Keeper - fresh from day 1 to the last!

Check them and so much more at my Tupperware Site before Midnight on Friday Sept 27th to lock in these sale prices!

Oh and remember spend $50 or more and get a gift from me .... just because I can.
Let me know the order number and I can get your info.

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