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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Tupperware Meets Hungry Girl

The other day I was "browsing" through the cookbook section of  the my BJ Wholesale Store and I stumbled upon a small section of Hungry Girl Cookbooks.   It was there that I saw the newest one with 650 recipes in 1 book - Hungry Girl To The Max!

I have liked many of the HG recipes I've seen online, so of course I picked it up.  Most of her recipes are relatively quick to make (tax season means not a whole lot of time to cook), so already I was thinking this was a winner.

The very first section was Egg Mugs, for all kinds of "culinary" tastes.  The first thing that is mentioned is to have a BIG mug, the bigger the better.  Then it says the best bet is tall, wide mug with a 16 ounce capacity.

I started thinking (as I was standing in line reading) that our Tupperware Breakfast Maker would be perfect for so many of these Egg Mugs.  I think that although its not "tall" it is a nice wide with an interesting shape to make your "egg mug" shine AND you can't break this one like you could with one of those big mugs that are sometime rather heavy .......

I have just started really going through the book, but there is a pasta section that would probably be wonderful with Tupperware's Pasta Maker - no "boil overs" that, as you know, is really easy to do on the stove.  They have a Chinese section - that could be great with the rice maker or even the StackCooker that would give even more options.  Oh yeah I am going to be lovin' this book.

If this is something that you would like to pick up, or anything else Tupperware, you know you can always check out my Tupperware Site or jump in on my online party (link is in upper right corner) that is always open.  If you need some help, want to open your own party (online/book/both) you can always email me and I will call you to get everything set up quickly and get you the supplies you need.

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