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Saturday, July 21, 2012

x-ray scanner/airport "frisk"

Well we have yet another "first" for our vacation this year.  As I sit in the terminal at the airport in Ft Myers I get to claim another first for me.

They had to give me a "special gate pass" because my boarding pass had "Kathy" not "Kathleen" even though we has asked the United people to change it after we got here (they change my account but forgot my reservation).

Then here in Florida they use the X-ray screening (wasnt working in Newark when we left) and then when I got out of that booth I got a slight patdown/frisk.  Gee that was fun :)

Well need to put this away before I use up the battery.  Will check in after we get back home (ok probably tomorrow)  Everyone have a great afternoon and evening.  Dont forget my giveaway - still a few days left (say hi to Billie for me)