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Friday, October 7, 2011

Flat Stanley

Last weekend my son came home for a visit for my birthday, it was really nice to see him, especially since we hadn't seen him since early spring - somehow our schedules didn't mesh.

When he came home he brought me a letter from my nephew Cole.  It seems that Cole's 3rd grade class (holy crow HOW did he get so old already?) is studying maps in Social Studies and he invited me to join in with his special project.

We got to visit my daughter at work and "play" in the candy aisle that she decorated a few weeks ago.  Yeah she wasn't really happy about this picture, she said I should have cropped her out .........

We also got to go to Washington Rock State Park - he gets to do some research on what makes this so cool.   One of the other pictures showed where you could see the twin towers, if it wasn't for that eventful day in 2001.

And we took him to the Cheesecake Factory for a birthday dinner.

Shhh that was my drink .... honest we didn't let Flat Stanley have even a sip - I'm not that silly!

I'm thinking he was ready to go back home when Dan went back on Monday. 

So have you had a visit from Flat Stanley? 

Did you know what a Flat Stanley was before this?

Or have one of your kids done the Flat Stanley project in their school?

Where did you take Flat Stanley when he visited you?


Queenie Jeannie said...

I had a lot of fun hosting a "Flat Christina" wayyyy back when, lol!

Remember this?

Anonymous said...

What a GREAT adventure Stanley Made. Stanley's cousin, Flat Tyson is visiting me here in Aguila, Arizona this week. My Grandson's teacher sent him. I wasn't sure how this worked, but after reading your blog, I understand now. This is going to be a BLAST! I just can't decide now whether I should have Flat Tyson go visit a gold mine first or a hike in the desert! Well, I'm sure he will let me know where he wants to go.
Thanks again...
Peggy D