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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

DIY Gifts Part 1

Yesterday, as I was going through my "magazine stash", I found (again) my Better Homes and Gardens Special Interest Publication from last year on Food Gifts.  I have to say I have already marked off a few things I will be making this year.

Some will be for gifts and others (maybe even the same ones) will be used for my pantry. 

If you want to make cookies or muffins or even "drinks" in a jar I will just send you to the Domino Sugar site for some really great Gift Mixes - they even have a link for printable gift tags and certificates

If you want to make something other than "edible" gifts ....... how about a body scrub?  You can find the instructions for this under Unique Gifts

I'm starting to look at sugar in a whole new way. 

My magazine has all kinds of things to make (150 holiday recipes) or ways to display/give away that I will be looking for even more things to do this year.  I will be sharing with you as I find more things I want to "experiment" with or that I find interesting.  Oh and I may even look for more DIY Gifts to share.

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