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Monday, June 27, 2011

Nice Jewelry you CAN afford

I found this great site that has some very nice jewelry that really is affordable.  You get to create some very interesting (and interchangeable) necklaces without breaking the bank. 

For instance you could make these Summer time necklaces by purchasing the Summer in the Hamptons Cluster and a Cable Chain in your choice of 3 lengths or the Figaro Chain, also available in 3 different lengths and the New York Nights Cluster  

Summer in the Hamptons

Or New York Nights

Because these are interchangeable, you could end up with not 2 necklaces but 6!  And these could be yours for less than $50.

They have a great selection of bracelets too.   One of my favorites is the Mother's Birthstone Bracelet.

These pictures don't seem to do this jewelry justice.  If this has even "remotely" tweaked your interest ..... check out their site and see how much better it looks over there.

I think I may be making some purchases this year - maybe even pick up some early Christmas gifts.

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