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Monday, February 16, 2009

Pasta with MEGA fiber

Ok I know that people love pasta - at least almost everyone I know does - and it can be a diet killer. That is until you try this product.

I have had a few of these already, and absolutely LOVE them. I just ordered 6 boxes from netrition.com - I buy LOTS of stuff here to keep with my lower GI diet. Well another site I visit regularly, has a link for trying this pasta at a discount. I'm thinking I really want to get more at this price, eventhough I have so much in the cabinet already.

The only thing I do differently - is that I cook the pasta as directed on the package and then taste it to make sure it isn't too al dente - remember I have "picky" adult kids. So sometimes I end up cooking it a bit longer than it says. But to be honest NOT ONE of my eaters have realized that it isn't "regular" pasta. It has almost 1/2 the calories and 18 grams (or in this special) 20 grams of fiber in a 2 oz serving. I'm telling you - it is great pasta.

Now I can hear you now 2 oz? that's nothing. Well just because I made some for lunch - and did the "measure thing". I got out my food scale and measured out 2 oz of dried fettuccini. And then cooked it ..... I'm telling you 2 oz is a lot more than you would think. Try it.

Now they are calling this deal "seconds" - but from what I read its because it has a little more fiber than the "normal" variety (20 vs 18 grams) that was found doing warehouse inventory and was produced in 2008 (hello that was at most 12 months ago and dried pasta lasts forever) . They have some great varieties other than the fettuccini but its a steal at this price if you want to try it.

Short cut fettuccini on sale for $2/bag...$20/case'


$5.99 to ship any size order.

if you enter fiber5 at checkout, you can get 5% off your order.

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