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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

It's almost Party Time ... are you ready?

Oh my gosh, I can't believe I've been gone for so long ....
Tax season is / has been especially bad this year, it's been a killer  year.  
Sorry for being MIA ... 
BUT its almost PARTY time.  
Are you ready?

If you had the Tupperware Serving Center you would have a good start.

I love some of the great ideas for using this piece.
Taco Bar
Sundae Bar
Cupcake Bar
Salad Bar
Fondue Bar
Make your own Snowman Bar

I really love this piece.
So many uses for this baby.

I've even seen folks use it for non-food things 
Craft Center
Office Supply Center
I bet you could even have a Lego Center

I have more than 1 in my house, but only use it for food items.  I know I need to "break out of my shell".

I do love that you can use the "lid" as either a tray for things like crackers or breads or put some ice in it to keep your shrimp bowl cool.

One of the great things about this one ... YOU can pick it up on my Tupperware Site OR you can Join My Team this month (ends April 28th) right from my site and then you can get this baby for just $5! 

That's right, in addition to all the great things you get in your kit, you could add this versatile piece for just an additional $5.

Can't wait to be able to share with you all the great things for the upcoming Tupperware Birthday Month (May) and even the Summer Catalog!

If there is something that you are looking for, message me or check out the online product catalog on my site because the new catalog comes out and that thing you were looking to get is gone.

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