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Saturday, March 11, 2017

YES its a New Mid Month Brochure from Tupperware!

It's a new mid month Tupperware brochure so of course I need to share what is happening this month for the up coming holiday ...

Now I really love these pieces.  So much so I will be grabbing a few more for myself.
The Art of Spring Lunch set is great BUT if you think you want it GRAB IT NOW!  We already know that it could be on short availability .. so don't wait or you could end up with a substitution.

And if you are a snack bar person .. how about making ones that are more "natural" and with less fat or sugar by getting the snack bar maker.  And the snack bar keeper is a great addition for more than just your home made snack bars.  I understand from my manager that they are great for taking PB crackers to work or school without worry of them getting crushed!

For the upcoming Easter Holiday you want to stock up now on these cuties.  I love the Jel-ette Molds for making personal mousses but fruit filled jello would be good too, among other things.

And since this is Regions week ... here are some awesome "deals" you can grab starting today and ending on March 17th!  But it appears, unless they change it, that these great deals need to be ordered by me directly and not just from my website.  I will do a paypal option for payment on this week.  If you just want the over all regions week (the last picture in the list) or anything else from the website, you can order right from here until March 29th, 

The other option for Regions week 
that is available on the website
and can be ordered on this party.

That are available from my Tupperware Site

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