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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Why you want to join Tupperware THIS month!

Because I was away visiting my Mom and Dad over the weekend, and making sure that my dad was really ok after his medical issues (he's 85 so I really worry), I didn't get to see this or post this AWESOME deal for anyone who joins Tupperware THIS month.

This is such an awesome deal!  For Just $99 you get your kit filled with lots of great Tupperware pieces to get you started AND just for saying yes (joining) you can also get the Tupperware Micro Grill!

As you can see, the micro grill retails, on the Tupperware Site for $199 and as a new recruit you get it for just $45... BUT if you sign up this week BEFORE MIDNIGHT Friday February 3rd you can get it for FREE!!

Do I have your attention??  
There are so many things that you can do with this Micro Grill in your Microwave!  I really like mine and I have only started to "play" with it.

Then just have submit sales equal to 1 Standard Party (Retail value of $500) by February 24th you will get a coupon to redeem the Vent 'n Serve ($125 value) for just an additional $30!  Any items purchased by February 24th counts .. so if you want to purchase something for yourself, which you get at a discount, counts towards that standard party total.  Order samples (full size, ready to use product) and that too counts towards that party total.

Oh and of course, you start earning commissions on day 1.  You also start earning awards from day 1 including the possibility of having Tupperware pay for most of your kit cost and Tupperware product for FREE!!!!

I would LOVE to have you join my Tupperware Team.  You can message me and I will get you set up or if you have any questions. Or if you would rather do it yourself (don't want to share your social security number or credit card info with me - I do understand) you can sign up on my Tupperware Site by clicking on the Join Us tab on the left.  

I'd love to be able to share the opportunity with you and then you with your friends.  There are just so many wonderful things available at Tupperware, and coming from Tupperware, you don't want to miss out.

Join Us!

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