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Monday, January 23, 2017

Welcome to Monday

Happy Monday!
I can't believe it has been a full week since I posted anything here but suffice it to say it has been an "interesting" week for me.  Now if we can have less "events" like last week I will be a happy (happier) camper.

I have seen this quite a bit, and think that I should have this posted on my refrigerator as a reminder to start each week knowing that "I got this".  I will be putting it on my refrigerator and perhaps on my wall at work.

Oh and because I've got this ... 
I want to try and lend a hand to someone every day.  
It may just be a smile, to make them feel better or give them a little ray of sunshine so that they too can smile.
Since smiles don't cost a thing, you can lend a smile to many people during the day....giving one away doesn't mean you are without - it just spreads the circle.

How about you?  Want to try this with me?  

Lets try it and see what happens.
It is still January so, although its not the 1st of the year and not the time for starting a "resolution", there is still a lot of time left in this year to make a difference.



Margaret Appel said...

It's so nice to see positive motivation for Mondays! Before I retired I used to dread Mondays & having to go into work because of all the problems that occurred on the weekends. Thanks for brightening my day!

Patty Roy said...

Loving your blog, the positivity and this days posts. I think the first is a definite frig/memo board requirement! Have a blessed weekend! ��