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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Angry Birds and Hello Kitty

The next 2 weeks are all about kids at Tupperware.
We are having some really really cute kids (or kids at heart) specials that you can pick up by messaging me so that I can call you to place the order.  

I just love the shape-o toy that Tupperware has had forever.  Personally I think every child should have one because it starts teaching them shapes and color and movement and hand/eye co-ordination and even cause and effect.  Usually the colors of the Shape-O toy is red and blue with yellow shapes but for these 2 weeks you could get it in a pink and purple color (girl power) with purple shapes.

And if you are an Angry Birds or Hello Kitty lover, or know one there are deals for you too.

The Angry Bird tumblers are so cute! And with the snack cups it is a great option for afternoon snacks when its to early for dinner but if you don't give something the evil monster will be rear its ugly head. But its would also be great for lunch boxes too!
It is a set of three 16-oz. Angry Birds™ Tumblers with liquid-tight seals and flip-top spouts plus three Snack Cups.

The Hello Kitty deal includes 3 sets for your lunch box!  It includes set of three 16-oz. Hello Kitty™ Tumblers with liquid-tight seals and flip-top spouts plus three Hello Kitty™ Sandwich Keepers.  This would be great for the Hello Kitty fan in your house.  Just think 3 days of lunches with a different Hello Kitty set to make her the hit of the lunch table.

Remember this are only available for a few weeks.  Orders must be submitted by April 10th so if you are interesting you need to message me ASAP.  I wish they were able to be ordered online - but right now I'm not seeing them there.  I will keep looking to see if they do show up there as well.  It may just be because it started on Saturday and the online portion won't start until Monday.  

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