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Friday, January 23, 2015

Microbiome Plus+ Gastronintestinal PLUS Giveaway!

I was very lucky to be able to receive a one month supply of Microbiome Plus+ Gastronintestinal Probiotic for review as part of the Tomoson.com program. Although I received this product free of charge, I only recommend products that I think would be of benefit to my readers.

It has only been about a week and I really have to admit I feel better.  Its not something I can put my finger on and say "THIS" or "THIS" is better, its more of an overall feeling.  I know that isn't extremely helpful but it is the reality.

It is probably one of the best review comments a product can receive, especially if you didn't have a specific "problem" you were trying to fix.

Microbiome Plus+ Gastrointestinal Probiotic is a complete dietary supplement that provides NATURAL prebiotic fiber and a probiotic that work together to help maintain the healthy bacteria in your insides as well as support your digestive function.  It supports your gastronintestinal and immune health, normal inflammatory response, healthy bile metabolism and helps to maintain a balance of healthy bacteria.  

I know that's a mouthful (and not even half of what I could have posted about the probiotics and prebiotics) but all I can say is that there aren't a lot of ingredients that you can't say and I am definitely not a scientist.  Now these statements above  have not been evaluated by the FDA, but I don't believe any supplements are.

I know some people (my daughter for one) are not fans of taking pills/capsules and always worry about the size of same.  As you can see the capsules and tablets are not that large.   

Basically you take these twice a day (once in the morning and once at night) with a meal.  I have never been a big fan of eating a "big" breakfast unless I have been awake for a few hours .... so during the week breakfast is coffee and something "light" - even if its just some fruit as I am running out the door.  I have had no problem with taking them with breakfast.

I'm going to take these all month and see how well I feel.  One thing I have noticed (but this is not scientific by any means) is that I have had less heartburn this week.  Usually I will go from having heartburn every day (sometimes multiple times a day) to going days without any "burn".  So far this week I've been "burn free".

If you would like to order your own ... check it out on their website.  There is also a cute "video" there for you to check out.

Want to win a supply for your own test?  You can enter using the easy form below.  Good luck!

Winner was Judy Gregory!  Congratulations Judy.
The company will be contacting you directly!

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Judy Gregory said...

Thanks so much! The company contacted me today!