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Monday, April 16, 2012

Learn to like or Learn to Love?

Think about it.  How many people have you found that really know why you cry?  THOSE are the ones you want to stay forever!

I saw this on the facebook page of a friend and just knew I wanted to save this one.  I really do have some awesome and extremely intelligent friends............

What do you think?


Lenore Webb said...

oh i do not cry in front of anyone is ever ever ever possible

Terri's Little Haven said...

This is so true, thanks so much for sharing. If you every have a giveaway or product review you would like for me to promote please let me know. HUGS

I've missed your wonderful inspirations since my daughter started working 12 hour days again. By nightfall after doing my online work and watching Abs all day, I'm ready to fall over. She starts kindergarten in the fall :). I'm sure I will live on your site then, just don't charge me rent, okaaaaaaaaay? LOL