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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Happy Birthday Baby!

I can't believe it ...... my BABY is 22 years old today!

See she still looks like my baby ...... just a little grown up.

Where has the time gone?  She's getting ready to graduate from the County College and start at Rutgers University in the Fall ........ this just can't be.  I remember very distinctly - she was just born.  I remember the tech telling me (when they made me have another ultrasound cause they couldn't find her head) ......."there, do you see it, there's the head, its resting on your bladder".  And all I could say was ...... "Duhhhh I could have told you that BEFORE you made me drink 2 gallons of water!"

Or when she was born by emergency C-Section ....... and the doctor said "It's a girl" and silly me, who expected another boy said "A WHAT?"

Happy Birthday Baby!  You have always been so very special, pretty and unique.  I hope you always are - because THAT is YOU.

Special Cake to help you celebrate.  Should it be Chocolate or Hazelnut or should we try something different this year?  I wonder if you can blow out 22 candles ..... or should we just get two "2" candles?  Or those magic candles you had for your bro's cake?

Enjoy your special day!
With hopefully LOTS and LOTS of special things in your future.

Just wait till you see what we found for you this year ..........


Lenore Webb said...

It is amazing how our daughters grow to be come such beautiful talented and self assured women. Must be like their moms!

Terri's Little Haven said...

Happy Birthday wishes to her. She is lovely! My youngest will be 22 this year, my how the years go by.

Mimi said...

What a beautiful, smart girl!

Hugs & love,