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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

New Years 2011

Do you have any plans for this New Year's Eve?

Do you have any "traditions" that revolve around New Year's?

For the last oh 15 years or so our "tradition" has revolved around my daughter and the TV production of the Ball dropping. Jenn and I will watch the hoopla on the TV (neither one of us wants to venture into the city and mega crowds)

When Jenn was little we would do the same thing BUT I always had to promise I would wake her up before midnight so she could watch the ball drop.  Now sometimes she has to do that for me !! Nope I'm not getting old .... not me.

Even if one of us is out for the evening - we always send a text wishing the other Happy New Year.

So what are your plans?  Any parties?  Or Get-together's planned?  There still is time to get one together - it doesn't need to be anything elaborate.   You could have everyone "dress up" or just be casual and relaxed and comfortable.

Dinner, snacks, drinks, friends, great conversation, maybe some drinks or champagne  ...... and the TV set to watch the festivities at Time Square. 

Instant PARTY.  See I told you it could be so easy. 
So THAT is what I am expecting to do this New Year's Eve.  What about you?

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