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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

iTunes Card - Reader Appreciation Giveaway

Yesterday I received word that I had been named "Hot Blog of the Week", which really made me smile.  I also just realized that this is my 3rd anniversary of blogging - so I really needed to do something.  That something would be for my readers just from me, something that I would love to have ...... just because. 

So I went looking for something that I could easily send out to one reader, that could be sent quickly and easily through the mail.  Something that they could use either for themselves or as a gift or as a stocking stuffer.

To celebrate my "award" and to hopefully add to my followers I am holding a giveaway for my readers of  $40 in iTunes Gift Cards, that they can do whatever they want with.  Because there are 4 - $10 cards you can use them as 4 gifts/stocking stuffers or 1 gift or just for yourself.

I also picked up a Simple Pleasures 16 month Calendar with a bonus downloadable electronic calendar widget that really looked neat.

I know my daughter would love to have these ........ but she's not going to get them this time.

I would love to see my followers over the 300 mark before the end of this giveaway - especially since this is my anniversary, so anything you can do to help spread the word and get that number growing would be appreciated.

Since I've received a few comments below about not being able to find my Facebook page ... maybe this will help Facebook Page

The Rafflecopter makes it so much easier for everyone to enter - and for me to select the winner.  I'm so glad I was able to start using this 


dailymom said...

I can't find your facebook page :( I copied and pasted the link, and it doesn't work, it just bring me straight to my facebook page. I tried searching for it on facebook too, but all it finds is your blog??
heididaily at gmail dot com

jakeremom said...

I have tried and tried to find your facebook and cant.

Kimmie Barnes
jakeremom--twitter and GFC

pridelandmama said...

i couldn't find your fb either

corey1971 said...

Me too and it was like this on the last contest too. VERY frustrating.

Kat said...

Hopefully this has been fixed regarding the Facebook link (sorry didn't know it wasn't working prior to this). I've also added a link IN the post to my facebook page


trublujo said...

I copied pasted clicked on every available link it just takes me to Facebook not your page on Facebook