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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Summer Salads

I received a wonderful package in the mail the other day - most of which I am saving for a long sit down to read - including a cookbook that looks FANTASTIC - Quick Fixes (with mixes) from Southern Living.

One of the things I found on their website - that is of course PERFECT for Summer are 36 Favorite Cool Summer Salads.  I can't wait to tryout some of these for lighter suppers, especially when it is just too darned hot to cook!

But when you do cook and we all do in the summer (bbq's anyone?) I know I'm always looking for sides to make so I'm not making the same thing time after time.   Southern Living has 16 of the Best Barbecue Sides for us to try as well.  Even if you make something like these - give them a try and see if you can stumble upon a new family favorite!

After you have checked out these great articles, start poking around Southern Living.  Even those of us that live in the North can have a little "southern" in us.

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Mimi said...

Those sound like some great books. I love Southern Living.

Hugs & love,