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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Cars for sale

Good morning!  Well it is a wonderful Saturday morning here and looks to be a pretty good Sunday as well.

What are you planning on doing this weekend?  Perhaps going to the shore?  Or maybe you will be looking for a used car  either as your first car or because you need a second family vehicle.  Maybe it would be your "traveling" vehicle, because lots of trips to the beach rack up the miles.  At the price of cars and gas, and let's not even talk about insurance,  you may not want to be buying a brand new one.

Well I found a great place to look for cars for sale at blue book prices or less!  From what I can see, most of the cars are still under the original warranty, so you even get that protection.  I think it is something that new drivers or parents of new or soon to be new drivers might want to check out before going through the laborious process of buying a car.  You could pick up a SAFE and newer model car without breaking the bank and your son or daughter could have a "cool" car that all their friends will be wanted as well.  They could be the "trend setter" of their friends.  Now THAT would make you one cool parent!

They make it a really easy process too.  It's called Hertz Rent2Buy program.  Basically you "rent" the vehicle for 3 days at a special discounted rate, pick it up at the designated location and "test drive it" for 3 days.  If this is the car for you ....... you go into the account you set up and click purchase car.  It appears that in most states you don't even have to return the car - they send you all the information to make the purchase.  If you do buy the vehicle, the rental charges are waived.  Seriously how easy is that?

I wish I had known about this before I bought my daughter's car.  I mean she loves her car, and we did get a great deal on it - but this would have made it so much easier.  I've been looking at the vehicles offered ...... they have some great cars and I have not seen one that was over $20,000.00, and most thousands less, and that was for 2010 cars.

They even have financing available for those used car prices at great industry rates!  Oh and those protection plans you can get with a new car ...... you guessed it - they have that available too!

I think, if you are in the market for a car - you should be checking out this website BEFORE you hit the showrooms.  Who knows, you might never have to see a "used car salesman" again!

I received no compensation for this review , these are my own thoughts regarding this site.

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