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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Where are you shopping on Black Friday?

I know on Black Friday many people are out and about or waiting in lines at 3AM just to get gifts for everyone on their holiday list. I just heard that more and more stores will be open by 3AM!

Sometimes when I see all the lines and people camped out waiting in the dark, I think they HAVE to be crazy! There is NO WAY I would do that. I've NEVER done that. NEVER will!

Maybe I'm just a grinch. No I'm not, I'm actually a very generous shopper where my friends and family are concerned, but somehow I don't extend the same thought to things for me. Are you the same way? Do you put yourself last or forget about doing things just for you? Well I have got a deal for you .......

The Fresh Diet is having a FANTASTIC Black Friday Sale. This great meal plan will be at a price that is the lowest price of the year.

Whether you have purchased from The Fresh Diet before or this will be your first purchase, you can buy at the discounted price of $29.99 per day. This is a great deal and will not be repeated, so once its over - its over.

You will be able to buy up to 1 full year in either 31 day blocks or individual days at that price. The minimum days to purchase is 31. This price will not be repeated again, so if you have enjoyed looking at my meals and want some for yourself - this IS the sale for you.

Now this IS the Black Friday Sale BUT because they know that many of you will be waiting in those horrendous lines or fighting the crowds for some "must have" toy for junior, they will honor this price on Cyber Monday as well, but would rather you did it on Black Friday, so you don't forget and then miss out.

The Black Friday Special Pricing ends at Midnight Pacific Time on Friday November 26th. To get in on the Cyber Monday part of the deal, you only have the 24 hours of Monday.  In other words, don't try to get in on Saturday or Sunday and expect this great price. It's Black Friday or Cyber Monday - then its gone.

So here is how you can cash in on this great deal:

1. Call the Phone Number 1-866-373-7450 and ask nicely for this great deal.  (I know you will, they are super sweet and all my readers are too)

2. or on the Web at http://www.thefreshdiet.com/blackfriday, that will ONLY be available for this promotion.

Now remember this is for Black Friday and Cyber Monday ONLY

Mark your calendar, set an alarm on your phone (everybody does that now right?), set up your Microsoft Office calendar. However you remember IMPORTANT things in your life DO IT.

Do it now so you don't miss out.

I will be there with bells on - even though I just won 31 days, I WANT IN on this deal! It really is too good to miss.


Kat said...

Everybody save this. BFR2010S This is the promo code that will be working at 12:01 AM on 11/26 for you to get your Black Friday Specials.

Mimi said...

I will be staying home in my bed! I don't do Black Friday.


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