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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Holey Donuts Crazy Special!!

I got this email this morning and almost wish I hadn't just gotten my shipment - at this price I wish I had another freezer ....... these are really very good. My daughter (who needs to lose weight like I need to grow another arm) had one as I was breaking them into individual packages to put in the freezer - and outright told me these were too good to be Low Fat or Reduced Fat.

Hope you all will consider picking up a few boxes (oh heck at this price try multiple varieties). The shipping is a little steep (Fed-Ex in a cooler packed with dry ice) but well worth it. At this price if you buy multiple boxes you end up spreading the cost over all the donuts which really makes it sound small. And you end up with less fat than a "national" chain's donuts. These are even good if you are doing WW - since they are only 3 points!

Check them out at holeydonuts

Email directly from Holey Donuts .......

Buy all the Low Fat Gourmet Donuts you want for $5.99, today only! Last night we secretly changed all of our prices to only $5.99! per 6 pack assortment!! This special pricing is on every DONUT assortment. This sale will end Thursday October 1st at midnight. You have less than 24 hrs to take advantage of this awesome low fat ,low price"try us" offer. We know your going to love these so much !

You've got to get in on this right now as this is your chance to try the donuts you've seen on T.V and in magazines like People, Glamour and Men's Health!

Just add all the Holey Donuts! assortments you want to your cart and at checkout you won't be charged $11.95 each, but only $5.99 each!! WOW!! If you have been waiting to try Holey Donuts! this is your chance at a one time only price of $5.99 per assortment (full sized 6 packs)!

Buy any 3 great tasting low fat assortments for only $5.99 each! We have never made an offer like this before and may never make it again. So many of you have yet to try our Low Fat Gourmet Donuts, so we are offering you this special chance to enjoy these frozen treats for only $5.99 per box today during this one day only super "try us" $5.99 sale! At midnight tonight this $5.99 event will end and may not be offered again.

Our convenient 6 pack boxes are designed to easily fit in your freezer and most of these large donuts have only 3 weight watchers points each! Store in individual freezer bags to save space and create a great on the go snack!

Why is everyone talking about these "Low Fat Gourmet Donuts"? It's simple - unlike any other donut, each Holey Donut! not only tastes great, but is individually hand made, like a little wedding cake. Can you imagine how hard it would be to ship 18 individual hand made wedding cakes frozen across the country and have them arrive to you as perfect as the moment we made them?

These are no ordinary donuts, as they are hand made with fresh frosting and yummy fillings with no artificial sweeteners, and they are low in fat! Everything you would expect from a high end gourmet donut if you could buy it in a NYC 5 star restaurant but without the fat, greasy aftertaste and calories - just moist, incredibly large, soft Low Fat Gourmet Donuts with no expense spared.

Our donuts are guaranteed to arrive at your home frozen and as perfect as the pictures on our web site, we promise. Thousands of people across the country have been awe-struck, and it's been love at first taste! All products are in stock,will ship this Monday and arrive in 2-3 days at your home,frozen and picture perfect.

Holey Donuts! Low Fat Gourmet Donuts are not available anywhere but you can have portion controlled servings right in your freezer for you to enjoy anytime! From the moment it leaves its box in your freezer and hits your plate you'll know you have something so special that only a rare few can enjoy...Now its your time to eat, enjoy, reorder and celebrate your life!

"The company sells oodles of low-fat and reduced-fat donuts in ridiculously delicious flavors." Hungry Girl


Special Note -

Our Jumbo reduced fat cinnamon buns and donut holes are not included, but feel free to add these favorites to you order while saving more than half on our donuts!

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Fresh Mommy said...

Holey Donuts! haha, love that! These sound great, thanks for sharing.