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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

11th Heaven's Homemaking Haven Giveaway

I haven't made bread in a while now - much to my family's disappointment, but here is a fantastic giveaway if you even thinking about trying to make bread!

I will have to get out my bread machine again (so very easy that way while I'm out and about) and make a loaf or two just to prove I can still do it :) Actually making some cinnamon bread for tomorrows breakfast, as everyone is running out the door, sounds really good - think that will be tonight's project.

But I digress .......... check this one out

11th Heaven's Homemaking Haven is giving away nearly $40 worth of gourmet bread mix! It will seem like your spent HOURS in the kitchen making treats like this...

...but it only takes minutes! To enter, click HERE!

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