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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Picture Tag

Pam at Screaming Mimi (screamingmimitoo.blogspot.com/) tagged me with the picture game. I had to go to my fourth folder & pick out the fourth picture, and describe that picture. No cropping or editing allowed, so here it is above. For whatever reason I can't move the picture DOWN so it has to start the post.

This is a picture outside my house right after the first snow fall of 2005.....you asked for number 4......I went outside to see how the street looked shortly after the snow stopped and before we needed to think about shoveling. For some reason the snowplow had gone through already - must be because the police chief lives 3 doors down and across the street. Perhaps that was why it was plowed??

Next step was to nominate 4 more people to continue the game. So I've picked ---

1) Pam at Random Thoughts (pam-randomthoughts.blogspot.com/)
2) Jaci at Ravings of a Mad Housewife (ravingsofamadhousewife.blogspot.com/)
3) Denise at There's always room for one more (www.theresalwaysroomforonemore.com/)
4) Alicia at YaYa Stuff (yayastuff.blogspot.com/)

Hopefully they will think this is fun too and join in.


Anonymous said...

Cool! Thanks!

Pam said...

I will play along- but it might have to wait until the weekend. Looks fun!