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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Happy Daisy: It's Giveaway Time Again!!!!

Happy Daisy: It's Giveaway Time Again!!!! These look fantastic. A great giveaway option - my daughter would be so into so many of these - I have the first present idea for this year! There are a few that I too really like - so I'm thinking this is a definite YES site for me.

Now I am already entered into this giveaway - but I am giving others the heads up to go check it out. Open until January 20th so go check this one out ASAP.

Some more of the scrabble tile pendant pieces available www.etsy.com/search_results_category.php?search_type=category_tags_jewelry.pendant&search_query=scrabble+tile


annie kelleher said...

hey thanks for stopping by my blog and becoming a follower and entering my giveaway!!! so nice to tease you out of the shadows!!! pleasedtameetcha as they say where i come from!

annie kelleher said...

oh no, please do post!!! im only at post number 561,... almost forty to go before 600!!! thats why i announced it early.. so everyone could get it posted before the end!!!