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Saturday, April 15, 2017

Yes Yes its the Mid April Brochure at Tupperware

I know I haven't been really active here (or really anywhere, except in front of a tax form) but I had to do another quick post to tell you that the Mid April Brochure is open TODAY on my Tupperware site!  
And there really are some great things in this one.

Some awesome things are on the short term piece as well. Personally I LOVE the Lunch it Containers to make your own Bento Box type meal on the go!  And you get 4, that's right 4 at this price!!

If you are into protein shakes the Quick Shake Container BOGO is perfect for you.  Its also great for mixing up eggs for scrambled eggs, or salad dressing and marinades.  OH OH and I forgot, salad in a jar is so much safer this way ... works awesome!

I already have a few of these babies or I would be grabbing this one - its a steal!

The Power Chef Premium System is a hostess bonus this month, but you can also get it from the regular catalog, if you are not interested in being a host.  However, if you are thinking about it, we can do it as a book/FB party if you want.  We just need to have some items entered as if they went to a party.  So if you are interested ... message me and we can chat.
Oh and the mega bowl collection .. yeah that's ONLY for a hostess, but it really is da bomb for Summer dining.

The items below are available all month (you know until the next mid month brochure happens) but you really want to think about Summer and Cinco De Mayo that will be coming soon, sooner than we think.  These are great for Summer and all kinds of Celebrations.

The Goody Box Set it pretty sweet, especially if you want something for a group lunch at the park.  
A few of these and you could easily transport your family picnic in a picnic basket or  cooler and everyone could have their own without leaving any "extras" behind or having a lot of trash to find a place to dispose of.  
As easy as it goes to the park, it will come home and then you can pop it into the dishwasher ready for the next trip.

Oh and those ice cube trays .....

These things are the bomb!
I have some just to make coffee cubes for iced coffee this summer.  Or leftover tea for iced tea this coming season.
How about freezing some fresh fruit for flavored water bottles?  Might just help with your water intake too.

I also have used them for freezing fresh herbs before they go bad ... and then I can just pop out 1 or 2 without having to figure out what to do with the rest.  And with the seal top, I don't need to worry about the transfer of flavors or "smells".

You can even make your own baby food (the power chef and smart steamer is great for that) and then you can freeze it in your tray and have fresh food for you precious little one and know exactly what you are feeding them.  No more jars for them.

Like I said, there are so many great things in this mid month brochure.  So it these have sparked you interest, check out my Tupperware Site for these and of course the regular Catalog.

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