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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

The way they are

This could go over many people's heads.
It could cause a lot of folks to be "mad" at me and possibly unfriend me.
I know but it is a chance I need to take.

There is too much hate going around.
Too much fear mongering.
When all we see and say are that things are "bad" or "evil" or "wrong", perhaps those things are not whats' wrong....

Think about this one.

Yes there is evil around.
Yes there are bad things happening.
Yes there are those who wish to do us harm.
Yes there are those who are "different" .. 

But not everyone or every thing is bad or evil.  Just because something is different doesn't make it different in a bad way.

We need to stop looking at things with a BROAD scope and really start looking at things as they really are.  

Start looking at PEOPLE and THINGS they way they truly are .. not with that broad brush that hurts all of us.

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