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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Medical Romance Box Set Review

I had received Medical Romance, Her Doctor Three Book Box Set by Grace Devon, as a gift to "broaden" my reading authors, as some thought I was "stuck in a rut".  I thought it might be an interesting read because I like to read almost all genres and honestly hadn't read much in the romance genre in awhile.

Overall this is a good 3 short story book collection with common themes and characters.

Medical Romance box set
You quickly meet up with the characters in book 1, Her Chief Resident that continue into books 2 and 3.  
You can read each of the books in this series without having read the other books, but they do have a nice flow together and you see how the characters have grown/changed from book to book, although each book has its own character focus.

There were some spelling and grammar errors in each of the books in the set and at times, and at times I wondered if it had originally been written with the characters in "different sexes" as some pronouns were "mixed" .. his for her, he for she, I was able to keep with the story flow. Perhaps it needed a second beta read (I am assuming there was one) or a more diligent editing group.

All of this aside, it was a good quick enjoyable read. I was able to overlook these blips and read these books as it was meant to be read. It also made me realize that doctors go through a lot more than just seeing patients and that they really are "people" with real emotions.  I know this is easy to overlook when you are seeing them professionally (I know as this past year was full of visits to different doctors/specialists) unless you are also friends with or have family members in the medical field.

Because it was a collection of short stories, there were some very quick story line movement from start to finish that could have been flushed out more had they been intended as individual novels instead of short stories, yes you can get each separately as shown above

With this "change" in showing the lives and events of the doctors and patients of Baily Mills Hospital, it could have been made into a great read, not just a good read with just a little more of those details.

I would recommend this (or these individually) to most readers.  If you are a lover of the romance genre or an "older" young adult reader, as there is some sexual content, this would be a good quick read for your kindle.

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