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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Be Crazy Enough

Yes, I see you looking around,
 I am talking to you.

You, who is always being so careful.
You, who is somewhat afraid to 
step out of your comfort zone.

You, who wants to make a difference,


You, who is afraid to dream that you can.
You, who is afraid to start something new.
You, who is afraid to just do it.

It's a new year.
Make this your 
NEW Reason for 2017,
to just do it!

I am.
  I am still doing Tupperware
'cause everyone loves Tupperware .. right?
I mean ya just gotta love Tupperware!

But I am also doing LimeLight by Alcone.  

I believe I am worth it.  
I believe that we, you and I, 
should be able to have 
Professional Makeup and Skin Care 
just like the "A" list stars and alike.

Let's be Crazy Enough TOGETHER!

1 comment:

Patty Roy said...

WE LOVE TUPPERWARE IN THIS HOUSE! Probably a bit too much but we also flea market, etc. so we have new and vintage pieces. When my grandmother passed (20 years ago) I made claim to all of her magnets and doodads (party or hostess favors?)like the teabag strainer, grapefruit sectioner, orange peeler, egg yolk separator...And a few I have no idea what they do! LOL) We don't have every item, but we have some that I think are rare and of course as handy as ever❣