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Monday, August 29, 2016

JORD Unique WoodWatches and a Giveaway!

Have you seen JORD Wood Watches, since I last posted about them?  
Can you guess which is inside this box?

I'm really excited that I have been able to connect/collaborate with JORD to review another watch.  
You may recall a few months ago I was able to review the Ely  that I really loved and still do.

This time I received 

the Frankie 

When you see this watch it just looks rich.  Zebrawood is an exotic wood, 
who's coloring is due to the light colored sapwood in contrast to the darker colored grains.  

Which also means each watch is just a little bit different because nature has a hand in its design and is always changing.

Along with the Champagne face, that also contrasts with the darker grains, it just looks simply gorgeous.

The face is also big enough that it is very easy to read, no matter what it is you are doing. 
I believe it is the largest face of any of the women's watches that JORD currently creates, but I don't believe it is too large for most women.

I have to say I am so very happy with this watch.  I can see me wearing this one every day.  Its perfect for work, especially with the larger face, but also great for a casual day with the girls.

But the guys aren't being left out. 

Oh no, there are men's watches 
by JORD too,
including a Frankie series of their own!

This one was also created with the Zebrawood band, but with a Navy face.  
I can see my man wearing this one .. how about you?

I really like JORD's philosophy on creating these timepieces.  
They say they make their watches for people who don't JUST have somewhere to BE
they have somewhere to GO

Now for the Giveaway info.
JORD has generously offered one of my readers, a $100 coupon to use for their very own Wood Watch!

But don't fret, even if you don't win (but it would be awesome if you did wouldn't it?) YOU are still a winner.
You see EVERYONE that enters, using the link below, will receive a $20 coupon in their email.
It's a win-win for everyone!
Now its super easy to enter, 

just click the link below.   

Once you've entered, make sure you share this post with your friends and family.  They will really be thankful, you know they will, because everyone wins - right? Yes everyone wins!

This post was sponsored by 
JORD Wood Watches

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Pam Gurganus said...

I absolutely love the look of these watches! They're so unique. Thank you for sharing this...I entered to win!

steph y said...

I love unique wood objects. These are so beautiful.

A. B. said...

Echoing my fellow commenters above, I find these so absolutely UNIQUE! And, simply, beautiful-- simple, yet stunning.

Debra Holloway said...

I love Jord watches. They are just so unique.

Richard Brandt said...

I'd love to be packing one of these on my wrist.

James Robert said...

Thanks so much!

jeanette sheets said...

amazing watches ,what beauty love them!!

Ashley B. said...

Entered to win!! Yay!!

Deborah W said...

Love Jord watches; so stylish and different. I hope I win!

Geraldine Sandoval said...

Unique and stylish watches. Winning would be awesome!!!

Geraldine Sandoval said...

Unique and stylish watches. Winning would be awesome!

CindyWindy2003 said...

Very different, I don't think I have ever seen another company with similiar watches.

Kathy Davis said...

I would love to own one of these watches. They are lovely.

christy caldwell said...

These watches are so unique. I love them.

stephmabry said...

Gorgeous, thanks for the chance.

Shannon said...

I really like the look of wood watches.

Leela said...

Thanks! I entered.

Holly Thomas said...

I own the Sully watch and love it!

Caitlin said...

Thank you for sharing. I've entered. Fingers crossed.