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Sunday, August 28, 2016

Holiday Shopping NOW with Tupperware and more

I couldn't wait to share this one that I got in my email!
I just love all the wonderful specials that you can get from Tupperware for this upcoming holiday season.
But don't dilly dally since these first items are only available until September 9th or when they sell out.

If you have a Disney lover in your house (or family or friends) the canisters and cookie keeper is super cute!  Would make an awesome awesome gift for this holiday season.

The TupperElf Totes are great for all kinds of "packing".  I love these totes from Tupperware and use all mine when I go to the grocery store.  They hold a lot of groceries AND make them so easy to transport them into the house.  Oh and if they get enough votes to pass that law to charge 5 cents a bag at the grocery store, you will no longer need those brown paper or plastic bags.

Now if you have been thinking about joining in with us, check out what you can get/earn if you join my team in the month of September.

Now this is pretty awesome .. $160 in products for just a $40 co-pay with $500 sales by Sept 30th.

Now just in case you have forgotten or missed what the Tupperware kit looks like, here it is.

You could also end up with just paying $39 for your kit, if you have sales of $1,000 within your first 60 days!  Yes it can be done, I just had a new recruit earn her kit in just 3 weeks!!! And that is in addition to all the other things you could earn during your first 13 weeks!

You could sign yourself up right from my Tupperware website and clicking on the "Join Us" tab on the left side of the site.
Want to join by paying in 2 installments? Contact me and I will call you so we can get your info and payment info.

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