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Friday, January 30, 2015

Soup's On ... are you ready?

You know I love to share all the wonderful things that can be yours from Tupperware .... well here is one geared especially towards the Hostess.  

Check out all the wonderful things that are available on my Tupperware Site.

I really love my Stack Cooker for all kinds of wonderful recipes that are ready "in a flash" but don't taste like you cooked them in the microwave.

The Taco Soup that they mention in this flyer is definitely one of those.  And I will share so many more with you if you would like.

If you have a party with me (yes it can be an online party with some "face to face" orders) with 2 people wanting to have a party with me ... you could get the Stack Cooker for just $39 ... which is a steal! But the party must be $550 or more AND I must have 2 "face to face" order folks that would like to schedule a party ... oh and I must submit the party before 9 PM on February 12, 2015.

Let me know when we can get your party together and I will explain how it works and what needs to be one.  
It really can/will be a lot of fun!

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