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Monday, January 26, 2015

Chill Chasing Cocktails

I know it is early (unless you are an afternoon/evening reader) but with the upcoming storm here in New Jersey, OK all of the Mid-Atlantic States, my hubby in his quest to be helpful, found these on the Bergen County Website.  Under Bars and Nightlife.  

Bergen Bartenders have "created" or "shared" some pretty nice concoctions to get through the cold.

I already like a few, may not be exactly the way they are showing it, but that just means that perhaps we need to try "another version" of a love.

This is one version of an Irish Coffee, that of course looks a little different then what I've had, but hey I'm game.

Now this one sounds great - especially since we are having the worst Flu season in years ... This is the Irish Flu Shot.  Are you getting the theme here?

I know many people have had a glass of Hot Buttered Rum, but for some reason, I am not one of them.  I guess with this site, I can now try it.

Here's another great looking drink, one that I think will be a definite try in my house, maybe not this storm (not sure if I have everything here).  The Hot Peppermint Patty!  Doesn't this look exceptional?

Here's another one that is "cold" and fits with the winter wonderland here in New Jersey.  

I give you the Frostini.

Thank you BergenCounty.com for some awesome ideas for this winter season.  Now to check my liquor cabinet and then decide if I have time to pick up what I still need to try all of these ..

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