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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Banana dessert for Adults

Oh oh oh now doesn't this sound good?  Even if its early in the morning for you ... it still looks pretty awesome (ok I think it looks pretty awesome even if it is 9AM).

I opt for the top with Whipped Cream, but I've fallen in love with home made whipped cream using the whipping attachment for my Tupperware Power Chef.

You can check out the Power Chef with the Whipping attachment and so much more on my Tupperware Site.  Something you want?  You can always place an order on my site, or even better share my site with your friends and family and have a party ... we can do a book party, a Facebook Party or any combination there of .... and YOU can earn some hostess credits and FREE Tupperware!

Don't miss out on earning your own free Tupperware!

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