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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Tupperware's Exclusive Frozen-themed Products

I think that everyone that has children under the age of 15 has seen the movie Frozen at least once or has a child that has been talking about it constantly.  Or at least it seems that way.  It really was an awesome movie last year and I believe it is either already out for your movie collection, or it will be soon.  I think I saw something on iTunes the other day.

Tupperware has created their own EXCLUSIVE design for their Frozen-themed collection, that I think will be perfect for the "Frozen" lover in your house.  There are some really great pieces in the Fall/Holiday Catalog that was to be officially available for purchase on August 30th, BUT the good news is you can start purchasing from the Fall/Holiday Catalog, including the Frozen Collection starting THIS Saturday August 16th!!

The tumbler set, includes all 4 of the tumblers shown here for just $28!  Is that not unbelievable??

This is a set of 4 12 oz tumblers with liquid-tight seals and a flip-top spout.

They would be perfect for road trips or sitting in the bleachers at a siblings Fall Sport Game or Practice.  No more whining that they are "thirsty" and "need" a drink from the concession stand!

The lunch set is PERFECT for school lunches.  PERFECT for weekend trips out to the park, the soccer fields, the football fields....  
And at just $24  how can you go wrong??

Set Includes 
  • Sandwich keeper
  • Small Packable Container
  • 12 oz tumbler

As I said before, the "Frozen" pieces will be on an EARLY release, as is the ENTIRE Fall/Holiday Catalog, starting THIS SATURDAY AUGUST 16TH.  But here is the thing, I know I can order anything from the Fall/Holiday Catalog (as well as the Summer Catalog for these next 2 weeks) at a physical party, but I don't know for sure if it will be available online until August 30th.  

So if you would like to have anything from that catalog, like these Frozen-themed pieces above, you can try my Tupperware website or you can contact me and I will call you for your information and enter your order with a credit card, on my current party.  
This will get you: 
1) the Frozen-themed products you want early and 
2) give you a chance to be my Mystery Host/Hostess.
  (remember everyone who orders on my current party is entered for a chance to be my Mystery Hostess)

Think about the up-coming Holidays.  You could be getting the Mickey Mouse or Minnie Mouse Snack sets (remember only available until August 29th) AND the Frozen-themed sets on order for a special ones birthday or holiday present and not have to be running crazy in the shopping crowd who seem to lose it as the holidays approach.

I know I am already taking orders ......... and would love to add yours to my list to be ordered on Saturday.

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