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Friday, August 8, 2014

Mid August Tupperware Brochure!

The mid-August Tupperware Brochure comes out tomorrow!
But that means that the mid-July Brochure ends tonight at midnight ... so if there was something in that brochure that you were interested in ... you NEED to do it today!

Personally I love the freezer set - I can separate "family" size packages and freeze.  Put together your fruit in the smalls and have your ingredients all together for a morning smoothie.  And then the Power Chef System is an awesome product for camping, power outages or just everyday use - a whole lot easier to clean (cause most of it goes in the dishwasher) than a big blender.  You could pick up any of these items on my Current Party  just say no when it says, do you want to attend this party.  

And remember if you are thinking of joining Tupperware, now is the time to do it because of the great deal available until 4PM today EASTERN time.  You could get a 3 pc knife set, a $69 value, for FREE and the possibility of the completer set ($99 value) also for FREE.  There is the picture of the starter kit at the bottom of the flyer above.

These are not available until Saturday August 9th, but you can order those on my Current Party starting SATURDAY, but you can check it out and see what you might want to put on your order, especially the back to school items or those short term items!

These items are only available for a short time --- ENDS AUGUST 29th.  I bet certain items will be selling out quick ... can you guess which ones??

Remember when you order, do so on my CURRENT party, so that you can be in the running to be my Mystery Hostess, just invite yourself, so no for attending, so you can order.

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