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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Join My Team - Join the Party!

We have so much fun going to work ... we always get to Party!
How many of you can say that YOUR job (even your part-time job) is a PARTY?
I can.

If you would like to make some extra $$ every time you go to have your own party or if you want some extra $$ by getting a part-time job that can become your full-time job with all kinds of AWESOME perks.  Have parties for yourself, hold parties for your friends and family, make new friends.  Interested?  Message me to  ... Join the Party - Join the Team!

I started because I wanted to replace some of my "non-Tupperware" pieces that were basically beyond help and I just KNEW that Tupperware was the way to go, especially with the AWESOME warranty program!

Our current business kit, shown here, gets you some of the great pieces you need to get YOUR party started!

The kit includes some refrigerator pieces (I LOVE these), freezer pieces, the Quick Chef Pro (all kinds of things can be made with this baby) and the Microwave Breakfast Maker.  With just these 4 pieces you could have an ice cream making party, a breakfast making party (or Breakfast for Dinner) and there are even more pieces in the kit as you can see.

And if you have $900 in sales in the first 60 days (and trust me that is NOT difficult) Tupperware pays for the balance of your kit - so the whole thing just cost you $30!!  And if you purchase Tupperware for your own use ... those purchases count too.  So if you want something not shown here or you wanted to expand your Refrigerator or Freezer pieces .. those sales count too!  I'm telling you it is a WIN-WIN situation.

This added bonus for this month say Yes offer is great ... for just $7 you can get either one of these great pieces!  I can't wait to get my Wonder Mat.  Although its not a "new" product, it has not been available for a while but I have been told it is a definite must have.  Or the Impressions Classic Bowl Set ... well lets just say it is a classic, it is a must have and would a huge savings for you!

And then as an added incentive ... yes we have all kinds of wonderful incentives through out the Confident Start program you could get these great pieces right in time for the upcoming holiday baking season for just $13!!

And remember you earn commissions from day 1, first sale no waiting !
Lets put this one all together and lay out the numbers.

IF you join my team before September 26, 2014 AND have $900 in sales during your first 60 days...

Kit cost                                             $99.00
Say Yes offer                                    $  7.00
Extra Bonus offer                             $13.00

Out of pocket cost during first 60 days before sales tax    $119.00

Commissions Earned
    $900 X 25%                                 $225.00
Balance of kit Paid by Tupperware   $69.00

Commissions and "perk"                                                     $294.00

NET EARNED in first 60 days                                           $175.00

PLUS you are on your way to all kinds of great perks in our Confident Start program that could earn you an iPad or iPad mini or the complete set of Tupperware Cookware (and AWESOME cookware) for just 15 average parties (or $6,750 in total sales)

During the Confident Start program, you could earn our Fusion Master or Mandoline with just 5 average parties (or $2,250 in total sales)

Our Smart Steamer or Stack Cooker or Ultra Pro (oven and or microwave safe) with just 10 average parties (or $4.500 in total sales) could be earned by you as well.

I have to say, I have most all of these pieces and LOVE them all.  I use most all of them and not just for parties ... I use them in my everyday cooking/baking/preparation.

My next "step" is to work towards earning some great trips or even a CAR!  YES you can earn a car!

What you need to do is Think BIG, Start Small ... but START NOW!

If this is something that appeals to you ... message me and we can get YOU STARTED on your way to earning all kinds of WONDERFUL things.  Join me!

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