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Monday, December 31, 2012

What's YOUR New Years Resolution?

Personally I HATE New Year's Resolutions.  I never seem to be able to come up with one that is "doable" or that "sticks around" longer than a few days or if I'm really really lucky a week.

I remember one year it didn't last more than a few hours!  Yes a few hours.  My girl friend and I had come up with something and no lie, she called me a few hours into our "awake" time and we totally blew that years resolution in one phone call!  We were both hysterical that we couldn't' even keep our resolution for a few hours, let alone a whole year!

This year I've decided that I will get organized.  Yes ORGANIZED.  And I am starting with my kitchen.  With these beauties I know I can do it this year ....

I'm going to be using the Modular Mate Mega Set (on sale 50% off)
to get my kitchen cabinets organized and stop getting stuff I don't need and forgetting stuff I do need.  Personally I like the black seals, but they do have the blue and "reddish" color shown below.
I don't know how long black seals will be in stock, so if you are interested - check it out soon.

I just got my spices organized in this beauty with the new black seals.  
Really is great.  
AND both of these mega sets are on sale!

If either are too big for you, you can do smaller sets to get yourself "started".

Check them both, and others, out on my site where you can purchase them every day or email me and we can get things going for you.

You can have a party, and qualify for hostess gifts/credits, just by having a "book party" with me.  
If you are interested, talk to me - we can always try to work out something that will work for you.

You can always access the latest catalog or "sale" books from my site as well (top right side bar)