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Monday, December 17, 2012

Tupperware Sales through 12/28/12 PLUS bonus

There are some really great deals on Tupperware Modular Mates through 12/28/12 
so that you could be starting the New Year with
ORGANIZED cabinets and/or pantries.

I have of course purchased a few of these so that I can also start the year on the right foot - I'm tired of either throwing out stuff that went bad OR buying more and more of the same things because I can't find it or forgot I had it in the cabinet.

I have this set of spice canisters in the new black seals.  I have to say they are PERFECT.  I know I know I had to get these when I saw they were available in the black - no more missing spices or spice blends for me,  They will fit quite nicely on their carousel in the corner of my counter - out of the way but not out of sight!


As you can see, both the modular mates and the spice rack is available in 3 different colors. 
However I don't know how long it will be available in the black.  This is the first time I have seen them in black EVER and I haven't been able to determine if it is the "new" color for Tupperware products or if it is just for a month.

I also saw the JUST for December color of the seals on our white one touch canisters with the see through window so you know when to refill or repurchase ....

Yes a very pretty silver color that would go with just about anything you could mix it with!  I really want these!  Pair these with the black seals on the Modular Mates .... now these would POP! 

Now all of these can be purchased through my site at Tupperware, or you can message me here or email me and we can help you place your order.

But because I am having such a great time selling and sharing my Tupperware experience with everyone, I am going to include any sales through my site of $50 (multiple entries possible) into my Holiday TupperBingo. 
Every time my Bingo board is filled I will draw a winner for a 
4 piece FridgeSmart System, an $84 value!

I have this very same system (shown above with the round watermelon container - not included) and it really does keep your fruit and vegetables fresh longer than anything else I've ever tried.  I have kept those triple washed salad mixes (bought at Costco) in the large container .... and at the end of the week the salad is still edible ...... would not have been if you kept it in their bag (I know I've tried).

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