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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Rainy Day Facebook Frenzy!

I know I have been pretty much a missing blogger - and for that, I am really sorry.  
Between this horrific tax season (I'm not really sure why its different this year, it just is) 
and then the family funerals in the month of March .... I'm really behind.  
A few months of stress free living would be welcome.

BUT I have to tell you there are some FABULOUS/WONDERFUL/REALLY FUN bloggers that have gotten together (I'm tickled to be part of this group) to bring you another AWESOME giveaway.

You literally have HUNDREDS of chances to win $200 Paypal cash from CouponTrade.com and The Ultimate Baby Shower!

CouponTrade.com is the newest and hottest way to save because, you can combine coupon savings with discounted gift cards for the same stores, you read that right - you can COMBINE them for some great savings!  But that's not all, you can also sell all those unused gift cards and redeem whats yours, all in one place!!!

The Ultimate Baby Shower will offer MONTHLY diaper and Formula giveaways, as well as a seasonal NURSERY giveaway! That’s right- you can win the entire nursery, furniture, bedding, and all the baby gear you could need!

Entry is so simple, just fill out the Rafflecopter form below!

Have fun with it - Good Luck - and I PROMISE I will be back soon.

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Lenore Webb said...

so glad to have you back. tax season has to suck so but it does pay the bills doesn't it

Terri's Little Haven said...

I can't get the G+ button to open so I can post it to G+. I may have to go do it the old fashioned way hee hee. I'll try to undo the button and do again a few times to see if works first. I might get lost if I leave your site to go post this. My memory is failing me you see.