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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Thirty-One Gifts

If you will recall I had a giveaway with my friend Ginger for Thirty-One Gifts.  If you don't remember what their gifts look like .... you REALLY need to check them out.  Hop on over to Ginger's Facebook page so that you can see what she has going on, as well as see what Thirty-One Gifts has to offer and the specials for the month.

Because I just loved so many of the things that were offered - I of course, had to make my own purchase.

Here we have the Demi Purse in Black Pocket Full of Posies - which is just the perfect size, and I LOVE the striped inside lining with the little pockets for those things you don't want to end up in the bottom - like your keys.  You can carry just what you need without having it super cramped or so huge that all you see is the bag.
And the Hard Case Wallet in Onyx Medallion.  When Jenn saw my wallet, she looked at me and said -- you saw mine and just wanted one didn't you?  Then she really started to look at it and decided that mine was much "cooler" and better than hers.  I just did a hurry up and put my stuff inside so she didn't make off with it.  I wonder how long it will be before she decides she wants a new "cool" wallet.

Now if you remember I had said that there were "special" offered each month for an extremely discounted price.  I am in the process of trying to "organize" my life, so the Organizing Utility Totes were the perfect option for me. The fact that October offered these bags at $5.00 each with a qualifying purchase made these even more perfect to me.  I thought these will be great keeping bathroom supplies neat in our Florida condo - so of course I had to get an extra one just so I would have it once I got down there and really started to organize.

Here we have it in Black Tailored Stripes with pink and green handles - one side has 3 outside pockets and the other has 2.  I know it is a little difficult to see because of the stripes ... wild optical illusion going on there.

Here is the other one I got in Newport Bloom which shows the mesh pocket - one on each width side.  Look at how wide this bag is ....... even without the October bonus price this is a great bag well worth the listed price.

Remember I could have had my purchases personalized with initials/words/whatever - I just decided to leave them plain.  I think if I had gotten these for a teen/young adult I probably would have done the personalization, just to make it more THEM but I really like them just as they are.

I was so very happy that I got to host this giveaway at Ginger's Thirty-One Gifts and may just have to try this one again in a few months.  Who knows maybe you might be the winner of a gift certificate.

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Mimi said...

You know I've never checked out her store. I'm off to do it now!