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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Fresh Diet WINNER

Right now I am beside myself - I can not believe my good fortune.  I never have this much luck but somehow the stars are shining down on me VERY brightly.

I know that you all have read about the wonderful meals I have sampled from The Fresh Diet because of winning a contest on The Fresh Diet Facebook page.  Well another blogger, ScaryMommy had a fabulous contest to win 31 days of The Fresh Diet.  Now I did facebook posts, I did twitters, I think I even shouted from the rooftops about this great giveaway.  Well guess who won????  Come on you can guess .... oh ok I'll tell you - yes IT WAS ME!!  I can not tell you how excited I was to see this when I got home from the office.   Thank you so much Jill for have this great contest/giveaway and thank you so much for picking me out of all those great entries - I am so incredibly blessed.  I have been blessed with many days and weeks of The Fresh Diet through contests and great pricing - this was just so much more than I could have hoped for.

I promise I will continue to share my meals each day, here on the blog, so that you can see how fantastic this program is.  And who knows you just might decide that YOU want to have your own meals delivered each day and you too will order.  They are going to be having a FABULOUS Black Friday deal that you really MUST come back and check out.  You really don't want to miss out on it - I KNOW you don't.  I will tell you as soon as I know the details - but I know it is going to be THE deal of the year.

But right now you can enter a contest to win a free week of The Fresh Diet and it is so easy to do.  If you haven't already entered The Fresh Diet Picture Contest why not?   Seriously it is so easy, even my daughter has an entry in.  Now if a college student can come up with a caption for the picture - what are you waiting for?  Why didn't you do it already?

Ok no excuses - jump on over to my post on the contest  and then you can hit the link directly - or you can go over to their facebook page, click on "like" and then scroll down and find the posting and enter.   You could win 1 of 3 free weeks that they are giving out.  And who knows, they could be into a generous mood (which they usually are) and do even more than 3 - but they are definitely giving out 3 free weeks.

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Mimi said...

HOORAY! I'm so happy for you.

I can't wait until they come to Michigan.