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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tradeshows, School Events, Special Projects

Are you responsible for your company's trade show, exhibit or convention display or even your company's location at a Job Fair? How about all those back to school night displays for sports or clubs or special events? Do you know the person who is responsible for the exhibits if its not you?

I found this great looking site that has all the "stuff" you would need to make your display "pop". We all know that the more people you can gather around your location, the better your outcome will be. Check out this great site for trade show exhibits for some great ideas to get you started or enriched your current ideas. They look to be the one shop stop for the busy promoter. They even have flooring!

Your location needs to be enticing from start to finish. You can't just throw up a table and some chairs and expect people to come in. You need to draw them in. And I believe this starts right away. Check out the Table Covers that they offer here, its not just a blank white cover anymore. Right away you can dress things up and make people want to come in and see what else you have.

You also want to stand out from the other display areas - so lets not have plain Jane folding chairs. Granted you probably won't be sitting in them too long during the day - but won't you stand out with a few "special" chairs around. Look at what you can do with the simple directors chairs. Ok so they don't have to be so simple looking - but you get the idea. So many things you can dress them up with - your company logo is just the start. They are even affordable enough that you could make them part of your "giveaway" draw to your exhibit. They can be printed or stitched - how cool would it be to win your favorite company's logo on an embroidered director's chair? Their Custom Embroidery could just give you that option.

But when it all comes down to brass tacks, its your Table Top Displays Exhibits that gets people interested in what you have to say. I like the table top display units because of their portability, but there are so many other ideas here. Another example is the Table Top_Linear Systems, which could be a really dramatic display.

When my husband's company gets their exhibit schedule set for next year, I think this would be a great place to get their supplies and ideas for updating their designs. We've been to a few conventions this past year - kind of scoping out the competition - but I bet some of the exhibitors used Camelback Displays for their display equipment - they really did look sharp! And your's could too.

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