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Monday, January 19, 2009


I just had to start jumping up and down ........ no not because I'm freezing (we've warmed up to 38 so the snow may actually melt some today) but because I just saw that I WON the valentine's day giveaway at snarkalicious (proudmomx2.blogspot.com/2009/01/and-sexy-sweethearts-winner-is.html).

I just sent an email to Sarah so I could give her my address. I am so surprised. I'm in shock. You don't understand - well maybe you do. But I don't usually have a lot of luck in contests. I love to enter them, I love the ideas you get when you look at some of the contests - either from others comments or from the offers themselves.

Thank you Sarah


Mimi said...

Hooray for you!!

Kat said...

I was so surprised - when I saw my name I did a double take - that just doesn't usually happen to me :D

Grand Pooba said...

Way to go woman! You lucky dog!

PS Maybe my Smoky and your Shadow will be friends in kitty rehab!

annie kelleher said...

congrats and hooray to YOU!!!!!