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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Chocolate Almond Cookies

Ok you all should know by now that I LOVE my Tupperware, one of the reasons I am a Tupperware Consultant.

But here is another wonderful recipe that you can make to satisfy your chocolate cravings using some of the fantastic Tupperware products.

I can't wait to make these babies ... 

There is even more of a reason to join Tupperware right now, because for just $99 plus tax, you will join a great organization and receive approximately $350 in Tupperware. Plus you can pick up the Grate Master for this recipe and so much more, for just $20 when you sign up on Feb 1st or 2nd!!  A $99 product for just $20 more!  I know, I couldn't believe it either, but its true.
Yes if you join my team this month, you will be able to join a great team of people who work to help each other out and earn all kinds of wonderful things both individually and as a team.

Is this peaking your interest?  You can message me and we can talk about all the wonderful things that you can receive in your kit (the $99 purchase price) AND the awesome products you can earn during your first 13 weeks based on your sales.  And personal purchases and samples count in your sales for products and prizes earned.

Want to just check it out yourself?  Jump on over to my Tupperware website and you can actually join my team by yourself.  Once you have joined, we can talk about getting you started and what you can earn in more detail.

Oh I forgot to mention, you can earn all kinds of things including trips!  And as you move up in Tupperware, you can even earn a car!!!  Yes my director is driving a car based on our team sales.  

And so many people I know are earning trips to Hawaii and Florida as well as a trip to headquarters for Jubilee, where they are going to learn about all kinds of new products Tupperware will be bringing out for our customers and hostess.  YOU could be one of them.  Come check it out.

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