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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Small Business Saturday

Did you know it was Small Business Saturday?

Did you realize that there are MANY Small Businesses around you?

How about those Tupperware Consultants?
YUP they are Small Businesses Too!

I hope you can support all the small businesses that are part of your world today and everyday.
We ARE the life blood of this country!

If you want to see what Tupperware has to offer,
You can check out my Tupperware Site 
'cause you guessed it - I'm a Small Business Person.

I always have my online party going on
If you would like to have your own party, 
we can do a Book Party.
I can send you a few Summer Catalogs and the current Mid-month brochure
as well as the link to the online catalogs.
You share with your friends and family
Collect the orders and contact information
I will call them for shipping and payment information

YOU collect the hostess bonuses

It becomes a win - win situation.

Email me / Message me and we can discuss your options.

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