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Friday, March 18, 2011

15 minutes of fame

Thanks to The Fresh Diet, I have received my 15 minutes of fame (and then some).  First there was a great article posted on The Fresh Diet Blog recently and then my name was mentioned in an blogtalkradio.com's online interview with the CEO, Zalmi Duchman and Marketing Genius, Jim Gilbert from The Fresh Diet.

I have to say I think Glenn did a great job on the article on me (he really made my words work in the article) and put a link to my blog, as well as the interview.
If you want to check out some of the other members of the Fresh Diet Family who have been featured in articles or some of the employees of the Fresh Diet, you should jump on over to their blog (they really have done a pretty good job on it).  But, to make it "easier" for you, check out Donna, who introduced me to The Fresh Diet, Tina and Carol who are all customers and Arley, Debbie, Chef Carolina, and the creator of those great meals I post about all the time Chef Yos!

Check them out and find out about some of the great people I love to chat with all the time, as well as Fresh Diet Facebook Page.  Maybe this will be the added "push" you need to start eating this way - The Fresh Diet Way - just like me and a few thousand others every day!

Oh and stay tuned for my meals this past week on The Fresh Diet ........ I have to "round up" my pictures from my phone and camera and Jenn's phone (yes I have been a picture taking fool), so I hope to do one big post for Sunday.  We have to work tomorrow (like THAT is something new) and we have a Charity Event tomorrow night ........ 

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Mimi said...

Every time I read you blog I wish that The Fresh Diet was in Michigan! You should get recognized you are an amazing spokesperson for them.

Hugs & love,