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Monday, February 8, 2010

Life's Little Lessons

Week 5 in our Journey Through "Life's Little Instruction Book"

20) Be forgiving of yourself and others.
You are human, you WILL make mistakes. Others are human too.
Forgive but remember your mistakes so that you can not make them again.
We are not the final judge - let God be the judge

21) Learn three clean jokes
If I look in my joke file - most have some "connotations" that you might not want to tell your mom or your kids or your boss. You really need to have a few "safe" jokes.

22) Wear polished shoes.
And NO it doesn't mean Patent Leather!

23) Floss your teeth
Don't you just hate when you get a poppy seed stuck ??

24) Drink Champagne for no reason at all.
For the same reason you use the silver - what are you waiting for?

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