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Monday, November 9, 2009

Do you need help with Math?

I know that when my kids were in school, I sure did. Now it wasn't that I didn't know HOW to do math, although I was not completely comfortable with some of the concepts, I did know if their answers were correct or not. But for the most part, I didn't do things the way they were taught, so it was always a struggle if they forgot how it was down in class.

Here is a great website for moms and kids alike to get online math help, some of which is free or at affordable rates. Check out your very own online math help for subjects like math help in geometry or online math help in algebra or find an online math tutor in calculus or online math tutoring for statistics and probability or number theory just to pick a few. Your help could be from their free online math help or their free online math tutoring, its your choice. I think Jenn will need to check these out to see if it helps her with calculus and she is in college!

One of the great aspects of this program is that its not for a limited number of people. They have math help for everyone from Kindergarten through High School Seniors. AND its open 24 hours a day! How many middle school and high school kids leave those things they don't really "get" until the last and then at 10 o'clock say "I can't finish my math homework because I don't know how"? Now they can just click and get one on one help at math help.

Math help and online math tutoring comes in grade specific formats. You can get free online math help for grade3 or math help for grade7 or free online math tutoring for grade12 and all the other grades in-between. So if your school or your child is more or less advanced, you can move easily to another grade and still get all the help you need. They even have SAT and ACT help.

One of the other things I really like about this site is that you can actually TALK with your math tutor, while on your computer using voice over IP technology, so kids will think this is just so cool having their own personal tutor. But if they want to keep it "quiet", nobody needs to know they have a tutor because they don't have to leave the house. Mom no longer has to worry about whether she knows how to do some math problem because the online math tutoring allows that worry to be gone.

You also get your own whiteboard where you can SEE what the tutor is doing and what they really mean, step by step, and the tutor can see what you are doing, so there is an interaction with the tutor. See how it works to see how the whiteboard works with your tutor. It's not just reading a page (whether its in the same format as your own text book or not), it gives a personal touch that adds so much more to the online math tutoring session. Some kids learn the concepts better this way because they are much more visual learners. This could be part of the edge your child needs to excel, check out math help to see if this program is right for you and your child.

Many parents are looking for a tutor to give their kids an edge, and believe me that can be expensive - this seems like a great alternative to those "go to centers" since no one sees you go to your tutor. The free online math help and free online math tutoring will give your child the edge they may need to make their results shine. And doesn't every parent want their child to shine?

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Mimi said...

Ugh, Jack is 14 & I can't help him with his math homework & haven't been able to for a quite a while. Like you said, when I can remember how to do it, it's not the way they teach them to do it now, so it just confuses him, even if we get the same answers.

I'll check this out!