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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Planting Day

Yesterday was the first day in almost a week that we had no rain, which although we needed the rain, was a blessing.

About 10 days ago I bought a few herb plants from a local market, to try and cultivate them on my deck . I am thinking a nice container garden. I really like this market because they have a pretty nice variety of vegetables and in the spring/summer/early fall have a garden center.

In very early Spring, I had picked up a basil plant and oregano plant from one of the supermarkets in the area. I WAS going to transplant them into an indoor planter - but of course that never happened. I had put the plants in a cute basket (lined in plastic) and put it on the window sill over my kitchen sink (now this window looks into my dinning room NOT to the outside). Aside from the fact that the plants have gotten VERY leggy they did do pretty well all things considered.

So now I'm thinking I'd like to try something on the deck (which gets tons of sun all summer) hence my purchase 10 days ago. I picked up another basil plant, a rosemary plant, an oregano plant (looks different than the one on my windowsill) and a french tarragon plant. Since the rain has stopped, I brought one of my larger deck planters back up on the deck and cleaned it up, added fresh potting soil and then my plants.

Oh and just because, I planted in a little planter a catnip plant I bought for Shadow - she's not sure she really likes the catnip or not - but she LOVES oat grass, so I will take another small planter and plant some of this as well. We bought her a container of Oat Grass (at almost $4 a pop) at the store - and you would think we bought her a filet mignon (please note my cat does NOT like fish - she likes beef, go figure) So before this one is either eaten up or dies, I better get that planter ready for the seeds I picked up as well.

I sure hope I still have a green thumb - or the $10 - $12 I spent will have been for naught.

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annie kelleher said...

that sounds lovely!!! i hope they all grow well for you,... have a great mtohers' day!!! xox... annie